The 704 Run

13 miles - 5 to 6 hours All-Day Upgrade ... when there's water

We offer this option only on the 9 am shuttle and only when the water is over 150c.f.s.

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Add 7 miles to our Park-Preserve Run

  • $65 plus tax Kayak
  • $90 plus tax Canoe
  • $27,5,5,5 plus tax Shuttles
The 704 Run begins seven miles upstream of our Preserve-Park Run for a combined total of 13 miles of fun, class 1 whitewater. This trip take approximately 5 hours for most groups to paddle.

The first 7 miles feature good gradient, lots of fun rapids, and a more narrow river-bed. The rapids are more frequent and technical than the Preserve-Park Run. At the Highway 89 bridge (the only bridge on the trip) the river meets a large tributary creek and grows a little bigger.

The final 6.5 miles of the 704 Run is the Preserve-Park Run, and concludes at the DRC riverside shop.

Total :: 13 miles (approximate 5 hours)

the 704 Run

The 704 Run is water dependent and not always available. Due to this limitation we cannot book this trip online. Please call 336.593.2628 to plan your 13 mile river trip on the 704 Run!

This trip is most commonly available from April 1 through early June when river flow is the strongest. Our bottom limit for this section is 150 CFS (cubic feet per second). Check the latest river gage reading on our Weather page!

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