River and Weather

Info for Dan River Boaters

DRC trips run rain or shine … unless conditions get extreme.  “Extreme” conditions may be stream flow above 500cfs (cubic feet per second), severe lightning, cold weather, and other conditions that may contribute to unsafe conditions for beginning river boaters.

USGS Water-data graph for site 06025500; Dan River near Francisco, NC

Stream flow data from our reference gauge 13 miles upstream of our facility. Click the Pic for the latest update.

The sweet spot for most recreational and beginning river paddlers on our Park-Preserve Run is 100cfs to 250cfs. Lower than 100cfs is still a fabulous day on the river when the deep, cool pools still coax you out of your boat for a refreshing swim and the shallow rapids challenge your river reading skills. Above 300cfs the river starts getting a little rowdy although there are fewer rocks with which to contend. When the flow tops 500cfs the local expert whitewater kayakers start getting excited while we generally shut down our shuttle and rental services for safety.

Current Radar Loop

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